BURNELLL♥ (i3ritt__xo) wrote in way_hawtt_damn,

Name:Brittany Burnell Age:13 Gender:female Location:sarasota Favorite: band(s):yellow card?/ thast all i can think of rite now! song: lovers and friends by user! Sunday morning by marron 5! and Let me love you by Marrio! movie(s):10 things i hate about you, save the last dance,and butterfly effect color:pink! of course store(s):Hollister, Pac sun, and Abercromie (i spelled liek all of them wrong oppie!) book(s): Leslies Journal! food:MASHPOTATOES lip gloss: any pink sparkle yummy kind! eyeliner:black, brown is ugly on me! lip stick: dont ear fish gutts! article of clothing:underware! everyone needs them! hair style: straight, but i still havent my favorite hair style! Other: Describe yourself in one word:UMM! Promote(atleast 2) i will How'd you hear about us: jessica Anything else you would like to say?: nope Pictures:-(2 or more*) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v620/i3rittxo/Friends/meandstephclose.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v620/i3rittxo/Nationals/xxxx.jpg
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